NQH: Broccoli and Bacon Mac & Cheese

Last night’s dinner was super easy, quick and delicious I must share it with everyone. I had found a recipe for Mac & Cheese with broccoli and bacon. They wanted you to pretty much make everything from scratch. There was no way being a working Mom and getting home around 5 every week night that I had the time (or skills) to pull off a gourmet Mac & Cheese Dinner.

I took a trip to the grocery store to see if I could simplify this good-looking recipe. When picking out some elbow noodles in the pasta aisle I spotted some Ragu cheese sauce in the pasta sauce section. This was going to help make this dinner come together quickly, instead of the multiple cheeses that I would have had to combine and melt together for the gourmet recipe. After finding this sauce and grabbing my elbow noodles of the shelf all I needed next was frozen broccoli and some bacon.

I returned home with my groceries and began to make dinner. I was able to get all of the ingredients cooked and together in probably 20-30 minutes. Once the noodles, broccoli and bacon were done cooking all I needed to do was combine the ingredients and add them to a big bowl then mix them together. Bam, dinner was complete!

I absolutely loved how quick and easy this dinner was. If you are looking for something that needs to be done in a hurry or you just don’t have that much time to spend on dinner this is the recipe for you! For a family of 3 we had plenty left for leftover to take in our lunches the next day.  I hope you all enjoy this dish.

Bacon and Broccoli Mac & Cheese

Bacon and Broccoli Mac & Cheese

Not Quite Homemade: Bacon and Broccoli Mac & Cheese

1 lb of Noodles (Elbow/Spiral any kind really)
½ bag of Frozen Broccoli
1 Jar of Ragu Cheese Sauce
6-8 Strips of Bacon

1.       Cook all ingredients according to their packages

2.       Combine all ingredients in a big bowl

3.       Mix well and Enjoy

Tip: Cook a whole package of bacon and add extra to each serving that is dished out if you are a bacon lover like myself.