Flats & Handwashing Challenge Day 2: How did you Prepare?

Supplies for the Flats Challenge

Supplies for the Flats Challenge

When preparing to participate in the flats challenge I knew that I probably had all the supplies needed to cloth diaper in flats for the week. But, I did a little research on what people were using as flats and read many different posts on Dirty Diaper Laundry’s site to get ideas for the week, to make sure I had everything I needed.

One of the first posts that I read was about using T-shirts for diapers, and I knew I had quite a few XL – XXL shirts that were not being worn. I watched the T-Shirt Diaper video on Dirty Diaper Laundry and went to work on cutting up old shirts. From the shirts we were able to get about 8 flat diapers.

To round out our stash of flat diapers for the week we found some old receiving blankets (to use for night time diapers), and bought a few Flour Sack Towels. I had read online of many families using these as flats to cloth diaper their children, so while at Wal-Mart I pick up a few and that was the only money we spent for the challenge ($6 for 6 flats).  For covers we already had quite a few, so I did not need to spend any money on covers.

We also already had the items we needed to wash our diapers. We are using a large plastic tote, and a plunger to hand wash the diapers in. For detergent I am using a sample pack of Rockin’ Green Smashing Watermelons, and Purex Free and Clear if I run out of the sample pack.

The Breakdown:

  • 8 – T-Shirt Diapers
  • 6 – Flour Sack Towels
  • 3 – Receiving blankets
  • 8 – Covers
  • 1 – Plunger
  • 1 – Large Plastic Tote
  • Sample of Rockin’ Green

What are some of tips you might have when hand washing any type of laundry?